Blog Love

Is there great music on the east coast? Yes. Are there great bloggers on the east coast? Also yes.

Here are some of my local faves:

  • McNutt Against the Music – If you want an expert music opinion, or if you just want to read an expertly crafted series of words, Ryan McNutt is your guy.
  • No Ordinary Rollercoaster – Just look at this beauty of a blog. Not only has the delightful Ben Boudreau won awards for his innate ability to turn a phrase, but it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing websites out there. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn more than you ever needed to know about Kelly Clarkson and you’ll friggin’ love it.
  • Fashionable People, Questionable Things – How L-A and Ally have time to keep up such a website, I’ll never know. Daily doses of fashion, celebrity, and hilarity. You want to read this.
  • Couchtime With Jill – Jill watches tv like it’s her job, because it kind of is. For funny, thoughtful, and detailed recaps of your favorite tv shows – this is the site to check out!
  • This Needs To Stop – Full disclosure: I also contribute to this blog, but the really great material comes from its founding writers who have some pretty funny rants and raves to share. Enjoy the various musings (and the absolutely unbelievable amount of celebrity connections that Sylvia Creamer has been able to form over her lifetime).
  • {Rainy Saturday} – The long-running blog of the wonderful Amy Wheaton, this one is guaranteed to make you think and also make you laugh.
  • Subtlety Enthused – If you can’t handle hilarious snark, sarcasm or opinions from Sarah Carver, or if you’ve ever appeared on “The Bachelor” please do not click on the link. I warned you.
  • Ingenioustries – From the mind of Joel Kelly – a clever guy writing his clever thoughts about marketing down for the internet to consume.
  • The Camel Life – An East coaster uprooted and moved to Toronto. Somehow, in the midst of 60+ hour work weeks she finds time to blog. And it’s hilarious.

* I imagine this list will be continuously growing – so keep checking back for more great reads.


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