Old Favorites and New Finds

For the last couple months I’ve been living under a corporate rock of sorts and have spent most of my time working/sleeping and almost none of my time doing something I really love… going to see live music. Well, that ends now, with a little help from the ECMAs.

I kicked off my reintroduction to music last night at the Palace. This is normally the part where I would defend the fact that I was at the Palace by reinforcing that I was there to listen to some cool bands, but I’m not going to do that this time. I’ve seen some great shows at the Palace this year,  so if you must judge me for going there… carry on.

It's true. They're gonna.

So anyway, last night was the TicketPro Pop/Rock Stage featuring a line up of some of the finest toe-tapping talent that the East Coast has to offer. Like many people, I’m more apt to attend a show if I’m familiar with the artists/know some of the songs, and this show fit that bill with famous names like Jenn Grant on the agenda. The format was what I would call “short and snappy” with each performer only getting 20 minutes (if even) of air time. I understand the theory behind this format is to keep the show moving and give everyone a chance to showcase their talents. Unfortunately this led to Jenn Grant’s set being cut pretty short (but there was still enough time to enjoy her gorgeous voice).

jenn grant

Next up was a 4-song set from Soho Ghetto who pleased the crowd with some big vocals from Marc-Antoine Robertson and even gave us a brand new song. They have been working with Daniel Ledwell on their new album and if this new tune is any indication, I think we definitely have something to look forward to. One minor detractor from that set: the Security Guard kept standing RIGHT in front of us. I mean, directly in front.This brought out some rage in me, but I decided against aggression (I did not want to be thrown out of the bar so early in the evening.)

get out the way

I can’t seeeeeeeeeee

Eventually he did move (slightly) and I could take a few blurry shots of the band.


After Soho Ghetto’s performance Ria Mae was up and her set got off to a great start with “Under Your Skin”. Ria had Margot Durling on stage with her for their usual delightful harmonies and then brought up Ambition to partake in her new song “Take Your Clothes Off” (let’s not waste time with subtleties, amirite?) and again for an added verse to her pop-recording of the year nominated song “Leaving Today”. Bang-up job, as expected.

Blurry enough for you? It really is Ria, I swear.

Blurry enough for you? It really is Ria, I swear.

So after Ria’s set ended, four young gentleman took the stage and were introduced as Paper Lions. Now I’ve heard of Paper Lions before but somehow have never seen them live. About 5 notes into the set this was my general sentiment:

ohmygodHow have I NEVER seen these guys play before?! They are amazing. I love them. If you’re unaware of these beauties, check out this YouTube video. (PS – It has 3,000,000+ views. Not too shabby.)

After viewing that video, I’m also thinking that these guys must have a hook-up to some fine anti-aging potions, because this was apparently filmed in 2007 and they all look the exact same, more or less. Magic.


I’m loving Paper Lions

So after that we got to see Jenn Grant take home her first ECMA ever for Pop Recording of the Year. Aside: Can you believe that? She’s been nominated 14 times and this is the first time she has won an ECMA.  I’m not sure how that’s possible. Long, long, long overdue. Congratulations Jenn.

At this point in the night my aging self decided it was time to go home (Friday is still a work day, sadly) so unfortunately I missed the final acts of the evening, but I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth. Great night. Great acts. Great music. Zero complaints. (Aside from the security guard.) Thanks ECMW.


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