A column devoted to my other love…

I love music. I really, really do. And I support the hell out of anyone on the east coast (and other places too) who has the guts and the brains to churn out their own stuff. But for all my love of musical artistry, finely crafted tunes and expertly selected lyrics, I can’t turn my back on my other love – celebrity gossip. If music is my main course, then celebrity gossip is my delicious, calorie-laden, ill-advised dessert that I refuse to skip.

So when Lainey of Lainey Gossip came to town, and a ticket became available, I jumped at the opportunity to meet her in person and hear her spread the gossip gospel. (Go ahead, judge me. I will make zero apologies for my enjoyment of this evening.)

Me, Lainey and Jill – just a regular Monday night

I LIKE talking about why everyone has reacted so intensely to the K. Stew apology. I ENJOY a spirited discussion about why Katie Holmes is now a bad-ass Suri-saviour. I DELIGHT in not-so-subtle hints concerning the stars involved in Lainey’s blind-items.

So, among a ton of interesting celebrity info, here’s what I learned (or at least what was confirmed for me) in terms of musical trivia:

  • Michael Buble loves being Michael Buble. And not in a cocky way. But he was a no-name for a while, so now that he’s internationally loved, he’s feeling good and loving life. Also – Buble and Ben Mulroney are actually buds, for real.
  • Mariah Carey is exactly as bat shit crazy as you think she is and it’s fabulous. She has a team of people to fetch her water, unscrew the cap of her water, put a straw in her water, bend the straw directly to her mouth and hold the water for her while she sips. I am going to start watching American Idol again for this reason.
  • The Jackson family drama is not playing out well. Everyone is scrambling for a piece of Michael’s estate. It’s pretty sad.
  • Lainey predicts a Kimye baby soon and says that ‘Ye is much more chilled out and less of a spot-light hog now that he’s rocking the Kardashian brand of fame.
  • Britney just wants to be a mom, but she’s still pretty young and they’re throwing so much money at her so her handlers keep pushing her to do one more show/one more album/one more tour…

Leave Britney alone.

None of this is particularly surprising (although I do love the image I get with the Mariah tidbit). But it is pretty fun to hear some of these items from the mouth of someone who has actually met these people in real life. I find celebrity culture and the public fascination with it (and my own fascination with it) such an interesting subject. Lainey did a great job of bringing up celebrity hot-topics, moderating the class, and leading us in a pretty cerebral discussion with some definite feminist tones. (… And you thought you’d never read “celebrity hot-topics” and “cerebral discussion” in the same sentence.) Why was Kristen Stewart’s apology possibly the worst PR-blunder of the year? Would anyone even bat an eyelash if the roles were reversed? (Answer: there would definitely not be a public apology.) Does the latest string of legal and negotiating brilliance from Katie Holmes make Tom look bad? Does it make Nicole Kidman look really bad for not waging the same war to free her own children from dianetics? These are some good questions – because most people will have an opinion, one way or the other. And the people in attendance certainly did.

This makes me more excited than any degree I actually paid tuition for.

I would happily say that this was one of the most enjoyable Monday evenings I’ve had in ages. Delicious food (thanks to Joel from Fred), tasty drinks (Vitamin Water in cocktails you guys… get into it), wonderful service (Lainey’s team and the staff at Fred were fantastic) cute swag, and great conversation. I hope we can do it again soon.


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  1. I’m seriously debating hanging mine in my office. In a previous life, I hung a dummied-up diploma in “Buttkickery” and no one noticed it for two years.

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