July Music in Review

So July has been a busy month for me. There was a wedding (not mine), there have been out-of-town friends visiting, there have been 2834987 birthdays to celebrate, AND there has been a lot of East Coast musical activity. Let’s review the music part:

1) The Polaris Short-list was announced. These are the nominees:

Cold Specks
Handsome Furs
Cadence Weapon
Kathleen Edwards
Fucked Up

Any bets? Unfortunately, there aren’t any east-coasters on there. As I’ve mentioned before, and judge me if you must, I do like Jimmy from Degrassi Drake. However, I also think he’s way too commercial to win (and I’d wager that there would be an Indie-revolt against the entire Polaris operation if he did). I’d love to see Kathleen Edwards take it. I think she’s great. (Can you spot the east-coast-connection in this video of her Letterman performance? A gold star to you if you can.)

2) Summersonic tickets went on sale. If you haven’t seen the line-up for Summersonic and purchased your tickets, I’m not really sure what you’re waiting for. Ben Harper, The Stars, K’Naan, and many, many, more will be serenading us on Citadel Hill on September 7, 8, and 9. Check the Summersonic website to see the full list of performers and get your tickets – only $85 for all 3 days!

This is happening, Halifax

3) Ria Mae released her new video. And I love it. Great song, gorgeous Nova Scotia scenery, time lapse photography, a chase scene… this video has it all. And it was directed by Halifax’s own Julian Crick.

In other Ria-related topics, I saw her show with Chris Velan at the Company House this month. Both of them were fantastic. I wasn’t familiar with Chris’s music before, but I’m really glad that I know it now. Do yourself a favour and take a listen. (Especially “Oceans Ago”, “You Don’t Know What You’re Asking of Me”, and “Hurting You Kind”.)

4) Hey Rosetta played a super special summer concert on George’s Island. And I couldn’t get a ticket. And I heard it was a pretty great show. Let’s not talk about it.


5) HPX Wristbands and passes went on sale. And as always, it promises to be a jam-packed week of musical bliss. There will be more bands announced in the coming weeks.

6) A Halifax rockstar saved the day. Two of my wonderful friends recently got married and found out just days before the wedding that pre-recorded music was strictly verboten in the church. (I do not pretend to understand that rule.) This threw quite a wrench into the works as they had a very specific French song in mind for the bride’s perfect walk down the aisle. Enter Marc-Antoine Robertson – frontman of Soho Ghetto. Even though he’s accustomed to playing huge, rockin’ crowds with his band, he agreed to sing and play during the ceremony and it was beautiful and perfect and amazing. 10 gold stars and a hat-tip to you, Mr. Robertson.

Other Notable East-coast happenings:

– The Harmony Bazaar Festival is happening in Lockeport, NS this weekend. The all-female lineup is featuring some big names like Serena Ryder and Sarah Harmer.

– The most colorful event of the year – The Annual Pride Parade – is this Saturday at 1:30. There’s also tons of great music happening at the Garrison Grounds.

– Finn from Glee and Seth from the OC and Damian from Gossip Girl are ALL. IN. HALIFAX.  They’re filming a movie called “All The Wrong Reasons”. My last random Halifax celebrity sighting was Uncle Jesse and McSteamy having lunch at Salty’s in 2006. I’m overdue for an interaction with a famous person.

– Someone took a post on my favorite hilarious Halifax fashion blog way too seriously and got political about it. Can’t we let funny blogs be funny blogs?

– Lainey of Lainey Gossip will be in Halifax on Monday and thanks to the wonderful Jill from Couch Time With Jill, I get to go! A perfect way to end the month.


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