Favorite Lyric Friday – My name is Kay!

I’m of the opinion that not ALL good music has to be really deep and thoughtful. Sometimes you just need a good pop anthem in your life, and I’m not ashamed to say that I sometimes stumble upon musicians I REALLY like via Perez Hilton. (Ok, maybe marginally ashamed.) This particular East Coaster is one such Perez-promoted success story. Her name is Kay (ey ey ey ey ey).

When I first heard this song I liked it a lot. So much so that I wished my name started with the letter K so the song would apply more to my life. (Put a choir and some clapping in a song and I’m pretty much in.) Then when I got to the part of the song where she references her Nova Scotia roots (Kay is originally from Cape Breton), I was all…

Yes. She did.

Anyway… this is the video.

I think the song is intended to be kind of silly, so some of the word choices I can take or leave. But I really enjoy the lyric(s):

“You just keep on talking,

don’t know what my name is,

ever since you walked in

acting like your famous.”

Kay also has a fun blog, and does a great cover/remix of Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang. I like her.



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2 responses to “Favorite Lyric Friday – My name is Kay!

  1. L-A

    We like to think of her as Cape Breton’s answer to Ke$ha.

  2. Amazing. FPQT hitting the nail right on the head, once again.

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