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May the fourth be with Rich Aucoin

On Friday, I had the privilege of attending the Rich Aucoin show at Michael’s Bar and Grill. This was not my first concert of Rich’s, but it was certainly my first time at the rodeo that is Michael’s. I’ve written before about Rich’s amazing showmanship and ability to put on an A+ live-show,  so I’m not going to do that again. Instead, I will present to you, in no particular order, the highlights of my experience:

1) Costume Changes – There were definitely 3 distinct looks on stage on Friday night. The sartorial diversity may have come as a result of Richard progressively removing layers, but there were 3 looks nonetheless. And who doesn’t love a costume change?

Look #1 – ideal for Canadian weather

2) Personalized shout-outs – I could just kick myself for not getting any pics of this. The opening of the show was a new Star Wars-themed slideshow. (See awesome show poster here) The montage included shout outs to various friends/fans/supporters. It was a really nice touch and a great way for Rich to show how much he appreciates his fans.

Look #2 – the crowd is loving it

3) A new venue (for me at least) – Before this show, I had never heard of Michael’s Bar and Grill. To me Michaels = crafts. But I was the best kind of surprised to find out that once you get past the restaurant section, Michael’s actually has a huge space for live music. It’s kind of industrial/warehouse/country – a perfect place for a show. I can dig it.

Look #3 – It’s tanktop time!

4) Feeling like a kid again (as much as possible in a bar & grill setting) – Playing with parachutes, getting sprayed by confetti cannons, learning songs in a repeat-after-me fashion – Rich’s show is nothing if not pure, unadulterated fun, and May the 4th was no exception.

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