The Junos – high notes and low notes

I enjoy a good awards show, especially ones that are music-intensive. In light of that fact, I was quite looking forward to the Junos and pumped that there were a few east coasters nominated for awards including Jenn Grant and Hey Rosetta.

Add into the mix Canadian beauties like Dan Mangan, The Sheepdogs, Arkells, and Feist, and the Junos seemed like a sure-fire bet for a sampling of some fine music. So, after two hours of watching, my ultimate verdict was: definitely more good than bad, but there were some ‘yikes’ moments.

First, the high points:

  • Can you believe that William Shatner is 81? I can’t. The guy looks fabulous. The mock-guitar playing at the beginning but was a bit painful, but overall I thought he was a great host. When I’m 81, please let me be doing things like hosting the Junos.
  • Hey Rosetta. The played their song and played it well. What’s not to like about that? They are also excellent evidence in support of the argument that more bands should have violins. String sections sound awesome.

The more instruments, the better

  • Dan Mangan winning things. I like his music. He’s genuinely talented and he seems cool and humble so I’m happy he got recognition. I also like that in his acceptance speach for Best New Artist he said “it takes time to do anything worthwhile.” Ain’t that the truth.

Don't hate me, but I think Dan Mangan looks like a cuter Seth Rogen. Yes? No? Maybe?

  • Dragonette. I’ve been a Martina Sorbara fan for a long time, ever since Bonnie & Clyde. I thought she looked and sounded great, and I must admit that song is catchy as hell.

Cool style and cheekbones to die for.

  • Feist. Girl has been winning things for years. I thought it was funny that she went all Taylor Swift and was shocked that she won, but I do appreciate her talent. And also that her name is Leslie… that’s a cool name for cool people.
  • Jim Cuddy and his orange shirt and his cute family.

Orange rodeo.

And now the low:

  • The gimmicks. OH GOD THE GIMMICKS. Stages on fire? A Nicki Minaj/Ke$ha inspired ensemble? Hula dancers? Guys on spring-loaded legs? For shame Canada. For shame!

Anyone want to take a stab at explaining this to me?

I wore a similar get-up to my gymnastics classes in the early 90's

  • I hate to single out one person, but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND the Alyssa Reid thing. How are you eligible to be best new artist for repurposing a Heart song?  She’s a fine singer, but are we nominating people for awards based on cover songs now? Junos, if you’re short on ideas for people to nominate, I’ll be happy to provide you with some names.
  • Where the eff was Drake? Jimmy from Degrassi is one of my guiltiest pleasures.

Drake, I missed you. And your plaid hoodie.

  • Simple Plan/Hedley/Nickleback – I’m clearly not their demographic. It’s just so… it’s just… it’s not my thing.
  • I can’t fully decide if this is a high/hilarious point or a low point – but was Lights wearing any pants?!

This reminds me of the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene, but with the roles reversed and the pants removed.

  • Unless I missed something, I don’t think the east coast brought home any hardware. However, when you’re up against the likes of Feist and The Sheepdogs, that’s nothing to be too upset about. We’ll get ’em next year!

Here's some east coast music royalty to hold you over until the next awards show.

* Please note – I was not actually at the Junos, so I did not take nor do I own most of these photos. The originals can be found here and here.


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