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Favorite Lyric Friday – Catherine MacLellan’s Stealin’

It appears that this blog is just turning into a string of Favorite Lyric Fridays. It really makes me have intense respect/admiration for the people who hold down full-time jobs AND blog 5 days+ per week. HOW DO THEY DO IT?! I’ll never know.

Anyway, it’s Friday, and I do still have lots of favorite lyrics from lots of east coast artists.

My fave this week comes from PEI-raised Catherine MacLellan. MacLellan’s album “Silhouette” is nominated for ECMAs for album of the year, folk recording of the year, and solo album of the year. Not too shabby.

” I was broke and you were busted, lights come on in the dark.

Caught in the glare here is something we can’t start.

We both know what we’re feeling, but we can’t talk about that, can’t talk about that.

We both know we’ve been stealing, but we can’t talk about that, can’t talk about that.

We both know what we’re feeling, but neither of us will be stealing this love tonight.”

I’m also really loving this video and its cityscapes and country scenery. It’s very east coast.

Happy weekend everyone!


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Favorite Lyric Friday – Cheryl Hann’s “Space Rap”

Today’s favorite lyric comes from hilarious Haligonian Cheryl Hann. You may or may not already be aware of Metro’s “Race for Space” competition in which they actually plan on sending one lucky reader to outer space. I have no idea how this is a real contest, but it does appear to be a serious contest. (If it’s not, Metro better be ready to feel the wrath of hundreds of angry space-enthusiasts.)

Anyway, many Canadians have put their names forward to be the chosen one, but I don’t know how many of them have made a Space Rap with psychedelic graphics. So far, I’ve only seen one, and it’s pretty damn good.

Feast your eyes and ears on this:

Favorite lyrics, without a doubt:

“Get to the moon and find the Nazi base

Check the dark side of it just in case

These are my goals when it comes to space:

see the earth’s beauty, punch a Nazi’s face!”

After you watch the video, please go to this link and vote for Cheryl, repeatedly. I think you can actually vote 10 times a day or something. So do that. Vote your faces off and let’s get Cheryl into space.

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Favorite Lyric Friday – Molly Thomason’s “People Lie”

YouTube really is fantastic. You can start on one great artist, and then stumble upon someone brand new and utterly delightful. Case in point – Molly Thomason – 17-year old musical over-achiever and her song  “People Lie”. The title and the lyrics are pretty self-explanatory, and I kind of love the unaffected harshness of it. It’s a happy-go-lucky break-up song. Here’s a sampling:

“Wipe your eyes and crawl back in that shell
The one I wrenched you out of
When I realized your heart is a well
And I drank, and I drank
But I didn’t know how to thank you

So I drank, and I drank
But I didn’t know how to thank you
So I promised you gold, myrrh, and frankincense
Promised eternal love and joy when you need it to get by
But sometimes people lie…”

17 years old, people!  If Molly is any indication of what’s up-and-coming for east coast music, I think we’ll be continuing down a pretty great path.

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Q&A with Southern Shores

One of the great things about living in/being from Halifax is that the local talent, as a general rule, is quite friendly and accessible. I wanted to start hearing from some artists about how they started and what makes them tick, so as the first installment in my “Q&A” section, I reached out to the guys of Southern Shores – Ben and Jamie. Both originally from Halifax, the two are now in Toronto creating music that will transport listeners to a tropical seaside within the first few notes. I DARE you to listen to “Take Me Anywhere” and be in a bad mood. You can’t. It’s impossible. You may however crave a margarita and a dip in some turquoise waters.

After hearing the music, you may also want to know more about its creators. So here are some questions (from me) and some answers, straight from Ben of Southern Shores.

Haliphonia: So how did you come up with the name “Southern Shores”?

Ben: The name came to me one day and for once Jamie didn’t shoot it down:)

When did you start playing together?

We started making music together in late 2009.

What was the first song you learned to play?

Grande Comore was the first song we ever finished and the first one we transferred to the live setting.

What’s the song-writing process like for your band?

Extended jams and experimentation, then refinement.

What 3 words would you use to describe your musical style?

warm, energetic, interesting

What’s your favourite place to perform in Atlantic Canada?

Gus’ Pub!

What’s your best memory from any of the shows you’ve put on so far?

Playing at G Lounge and having drunken audience members consistently climbing on stage, unplugging equipment and being hit by guitars. 

What was your most nerve-wracking performance?

Our first, by a long shot. It was terrifying.

What’s your favourite album?

Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden

What is your most valued possession?

Jamie’s macbook with all of our music 

Do you have any hidden talents?

Jamie’s a fantastic cook and I’m quite a strong Bejewelled player.

If you could live anywhere in the world (other than the East Coast) where would it be?

Probably Berlin because we loved it so much the last time we were there.

What’s your favourite pre-show meal?

Nothing, we’re usually too hyped up and nervous to eat.

What’s the best show you’ve ever been to?

Fennesz at Berghain in Berlin

facebook or twitter?


coke or pepsi?


If you could be on any reality tv show, what would it be?

Love and Hip Hop

What are you most excited for in 2012?

Releasing our record!

Huge thanks to Southern Shores for taking the time to answer my questions! Keep an eye out for their new album, and in the meantime get your hands (and your ears) on The Atlantic EP.

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