Favorite Lyric Friday – “Street Sleeper” by Grand Theft Bus

You know those songs that you listen to over and over and over again for a month, and then they eventually slip out of the rotation, but then you rediscover them years later and they’re just as good as you remembered? Of course you do. Everyone has a song like that. (In truth, I feel like that about most British pop music from the 90’s.)

Anyway, many years ago I spent the summer living and working in Wolfville, and I probably listened to this song, from Fredericton-based band Grand Theft Bus, about 10 times a day. I just stumbled across it again on YouTube and it really brought me back. It’s a catchy tune, even if it isn’t exactly “happy” subject matter. But I like it, and it’s responsible for today’s favorite lyric…

“Man on the subway 
talks to himself all damn day 
Sleeps in the shadows 
cast by the things that got away”

I also really enjoy the concept of being “so far backward that I’m forward again”.


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