Favorite Lyric Friday – David Myles’ Simple Pleasures

2 Favorite Lyric Fridays in a row. Oh dear… I’ve been blog-slacking. I’ll work on that. Anyway, moving on…

It’s effin’ cold out, there’s a bus strike in Halifax, the next official statutory holiday isn’t until Easter… February is a glum month. So this Friday I’m turning to the musicals stylings of David Myles and his Paul Simon-esque song “Simple Pleasures”. It’s light, and catchy, and summery, and fun, and makes reference to beer. By watching the video and listening to the words of the song you might just forget that it’s winter out there.

“I don’t need a fancy car
I’ll take my bike around town, I’ll take a cab to the bar
I don’t need to live on the beach
I’ve got the sun right here, I’ve got a beer within reach
I don’t need that house on the hill
That’s never been my style and it probably never will
I don’t need to drink fine wine
I’d rather save up my money, spend it on free time”

Well said Mr. Myles. Thank you for reminding us that the best things in life are often free.


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